Setting up ghost blogging platform

Hi all! Today I started to use ghost blogging platform.One I can say for sure - It’s much more faster than wordpress or other cms. In this article I will try to explain how to setup your application with some custom theme. What Will we need for that ?

Let’s start

Firstly, create instance on Digital Ocean - I noticed, that ghost is much more faster, than Wordpress, so it should be enough to buy 5$ instance for first time. Type your instance name, desired size. I recommend access by ssh, which is very powerful way for serving all your instances.

If you don’t have any ssh key yet - follow this instruction on how to create one.

Once you are ready, attach your public key to digitalocean profile and select it when you will create instance. You can read this article for better understanding.

Creating Digital Ocean instance

It should take some time to create instance. Once it ended, go to your local computer terminal and type next line

nano ~/.ssh/config

And append this lines

Host blog
	User blogger
	IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa_digitalocean

I set linux user blogger, but he is not create yet, so we need to ssh to your server with root user.

ssh [email protected]

Once you are connected, type

adduser blogger

Type all required information, password, name, room number and other info.

Don’t forget to connect user to sudo group

sudo usermod -a -G sudo blogger

Once you are connected, exit from ssh.

Then try to connect with default user

ssh blog

You will be connected to blogger linux user by default.

Then do some simple instuctions

curl -sL https://deb.nodesource.com/setup sudo bash -

sudo apt-get install -y nodejs

mkdir tools

cd tools

curl -L https://ghost.org/zip/ghost-latest.zip -o ghost.zip

unzip -uo ghost.zip -d ghost

cd ghost

npm install –production

nano config.js

edit your production host with your required url.

Then type

npm start –production

But there is one problem. When you will release your ssh connection, your server will fall down.

so type Control + C and type

screen -R ghost

If you don’t have any screen, then install it.

sudo apt-get install screen

That will create separate screen( I call it thread, like in Java language) for your ghost server.

Press enter, and type

npm start –production

Wait until server will log that everything deploys succesfully and press CTRL + A + D , that combination will switch you into your main screen. In future, if you will need to list all your screen, just type

screen -list

Now you are ready to custmize your theme. I am happy, that I choosed ghost for my blogging.I hope, this article will help you to start your blog rapidly.

That’s all that you need to start

Some moment, on which I want to emphasize

If you will buy custom theme, and choose one click install ghost platform with digitalocean -> 90 % that you will have problems. The reason is that digitalocean instance ships with old ghost version, so there is always some troubles.