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Next step in my university project

I finally managed to finish migration of all sub projects of my university post-graduate work.For those, who don’t know anything about my work - I am first year post-graduate student and I am doing admission web service for Lviv National University of Ivan Franko. I started working on this project from October 2014 and from that time I achieved some results - we negotiated with softserve.ua/ about cooperation - thet were having their IT Academy and we were willing to have some ui work, so we found each other. Few words about this project - it started as admission web site for managing applicants, their orders, enrolments, etc and soon it’s backend part started to cover most of the fields in the university management, so we decided to define it as UMS(University Management System).

I managed to gather everything together, so now we have nice-looking github page of Ivan Frankon University, that collects

Nice thing to hear is that I send request for JIRA Open Source Program - and I hope that we will receive this product.

I am also happy with the fact that we will continue working with Jenkins - beatiful CI system that saves my time.You can find our jenkins here - jenkins.lnu.edu.ua

There is also a website page with some information about the project.I hope, in near future we will improve this page.