Spring Security: Avoiding Basic Authentication window in your browser

While tunnning your Spring application with Basic Authentication security you can notice that you are receiving Basic Aithentication window in your browser. The problem is with BasicAuthenticationEntryPoint that sends header WWW-Authenticate: Basic realm="nmrs_m7VKmomQ2YM3:" So, if you don’t want to receive this window in your browser, just create Custom Entry Point:


###ivanursul.elance.com On this page I put projects, where I was involved.Some of the projects were just backend web services, some were full stack applications.Anyway, if you are interested in hiring me as a frelance developer, you should learn about this projects: ###Online Booking system for restaurants #####www.egogso.com To be honest, this was my first project, where I was as a developer.I remember, that I was just a junior java developer with some contradictory skills. The real issue was with my team - actually, nobody could review me, because I didn’t have senior developers on the project.So, it was a risky project for me. Anyway, I finished him. Later, I switched to another company, so I don’t much about this project for now. I use: Java 1.7 Spring 3.0 Hibernate(Can’t remember version) Twitter bootstrap Backbone.js Digital Ocean as a cloud server ###Accountant system. #####as.egogso.se This was my second project, on which I worked as a backend developer.This was a project, where I started to use unit tests, database migrations, maven multi-module structure, and so on.This also was a project, where I realized why I should use JSR and specifications I use: Spring 4.0 JPA(Hibernate) Maven 3 Jenkins PostgreSQL Liquibase ###Simple Save...

Next step in my university project

I finally managed to finish migration of all sub projects of my university post-graduate work.For those, who don’t know anything about my work - I am first year post-graduate student and I am doing admission web service for Lviv National University of Ivan Franko. I started working on this project from October 2014 and from that time I achieved some results - we negotiated with softserve.ua/ about cooperation - thet were having their IT Academy and we were willing to have some ui work, so we found each other. Few words about this project - it started as admission web site for managing applicants, their orders, enrolments, etc and soon it’s backend part started to cover most of the fields in the university management, so we decided to define it as UMS(University Management System). I managed to gather everything together, so now we have nice-looking github page of Ivan Frankon University, that collects General UMS project Backend Part(Was done by my team) Frontend Admission Part Nice thing to hear is that I send request for JIRA Open Source Program - and I hope that we will receive this product. I am also happy with the fact that we will continue...

Java - MetaSpace vs PermGen

It’s been a long period since Java 8 was introduced.New Java comes with a lot of new features. One of these features is the complete removal of the Permanent Generation (PermGen) space which has been announced by Oracle since the release of JDK 7. Interned strings, for example, have already been removed from the PermGen space since JDK 7. The JDK 8 release finalizes its decommissioning. This article will share the information that I found so far on the PermGen successor: Metaspace. The final specifications, tuning flags and documentation around Metaspace should be available on Java 8 official documentation. Metaspace The JDK 8 HotSpot JVM is now using native memory for the representation of class metadata and is called Metaspace; similar to the Oracle JRockit and IBM JVM’s. The good news is that it means no more java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space problems and no need for you to tune and monitor this memory space anymore…not so fast. Instead of java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen you are now able to receive java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Metadata space .While this change is invisible by default, we will show you next that you will still need to worry about the class metadata memory footprint. Please also keep in mind that...

Socket types in a different countries

While planning your travel, don’t forget that the type of socket, that u’re using - will not always fit with the socket of the country, that you are visiting. So just in case you will need different types of sockets - I store them in infographic below I think, there is no need to buy socket adapter before visiting some country, I’m sure that you can buy one just after plane lands in airport.