Recent 2018/08/04

Write once, run anywhere(c)

By ivanursul

As you probably already figured out, this group of articles is about my favourite language - Java. The World Wide Web has several web resources about Java: starting from a boring websites-encyclopedias and ending with interesting projects where people spend time writing about sophisticated things in Java.

My software engineering career started with Java. Over the past few years I realized that I spend less and less time writing code in Java and more time in different languages, analyzing logs, observing monitoring data or even doing non-technical things like reading emails(sometimes it can take a lot of time for me).

So I decided to create a separate place in my blog, where Java world will be covered. I will start with covering basic things and will continue with more sophisticated, edge-cased articles.


Collections in Java is a framework that gives an API for working with a group of objects.

You perform different kinds of operations like searching, sorting, insertion, removing. Some collections are good for one operations, while other collections are good for other operations.